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Tej Kohli Blog
Monday, 25 August 2014
Napa earthquake Impact on Wine Industry
Another deadliest earth quake for which Tej kohli going to post with some stats and latest information.
The 6.0-magnitude earthquake that affected Northern CA on Sunday morning, delivery down thousands of barrels and bottles of dear wine, couldn’t have come back at a worse time in wine country. The region, that has been battling one in all its worst droughts in decades, was making ready for a premature harvest.

The country’s well-known wine-making region, crucifer natural depression, was at the geographical point of the earthquake chargeable for dozens of injuries and damages calculable to surpass $1 billion. And wine that bled out on cellar floors can form up a hefty chunk of the lost revenue. The valley’s over five hundred wineries generate some $13 billion a year for the regional economy, consistent with crucifer natural depression Vintners, a trade organization.

California Gov. Kraut Brown (D) declared a state of emergency Sunday when the quake — the worst to rattle the Bay space in twenty five years — took out power, lighted  fires, stony-broke water mains, broken buildings and left over a hundred and twenty folks disabled, consistent with the l.  a.   Times.

“It’s devastating. I’ve ne'er seen something like this,” Tom Montgomery, a wine maker for B.R. Cohn still in valley Ellen, Calif., told the Associated Press. He same the still lost “as very much like fifty percent” of its wine.

Still, the recovery are going to be intimidating.

"Everything and everybody in crucifer was suffering from the quake," same CNN iReporter Malissa Koven. "My house, together with everyone else's, could be a disaster. it's like someone stony-broke in and ravaged the place, space by space."

Napa civil authority electro-acoustic transducer Parness same the injury is on the far side what the town will handle.

"We have exhausted our native resources," he said. "We want a lot of facilitate from the surface."

California Gov. Kraut Brown declared a state of emergency.

The earthquake triggered six major fires that destroyed many mobile homes, crucifer Division fire-eater John Callanan same.

And it may take up to every week to urge the water system back to traditional when dozens of according main breaks, crucifer construction Director Jack Rochelle same. however he same running water is safe to drink.

About fifty to sixty whenshocks discomposed the realm within the hours after the quake, same John Parrish, chief of the CA earth science Survey. The strongest had a magnitude of three.6.

"We do suppose the aftershocks can continue for many weeks," Parrish same.

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The quake was the strongest to hit the Bay space since 1989, when a 6.9-magnitude one affected throughout the planet Series. The Loma Prieta earthquake caused sixty three deaths, 3,757 injuries associate degreed an calculable $6 billion in property injury, consistent with the USGS.

The injury from Sunday's earthquake was comparatively minor compared with the buckled highways and destroyed homes twenty five years agone.

But some same Sunday's quake appeared a lot of intense.

"Honestly it felt abundant worse than the '89 earthquake," CNN iReporter level Gauer same. "The icebox resettled itself to the opposite aspect of the kitchen"

One kid was hurt once a hearth folded and was airlifted to UC Davis heart, hospital representative genus Vanessa deGier told CNN.

Nearly a hundred and sixty were treated for minor injuries at the ER at Queen of the natural depression Hospital, tho' hospital corporate executive Walt Mickens couldn't make sure that every one of these patients were disabled within the earthquake.
"While it absolutely was dangerous, it absolutely wasn't as dangerous because it might be and it was terribly manageable from a regional perspective," Ghilarducci same.

The quake affected concerning six miles south of crucifer and lasted ten to twenty seconds betting on proximity to the geographical point, consistent with the U.S. earth science Survey. it absolutely was the biggest to shake the urban center Bay space since the magnitude-6.9 Loma Prieta quake affected in 1989, collapsing a part of the Bay Bridge route and killing over sixty folks, most once associate degree metropolis expressway fell.

It was felt wide throughout the region, with folks reportage feeling it over two hundred miles south of crucifer and as region because the American state border.

For many, the quake affected at the worst time doable, rousing them within the middle of the night and causation them bungling darkly to require cowl and notice favored ones. variety of the injuries were caused by folks stepping on broken glass, falling down or being hit by article of furniture.

The quake's temporal arrangement was conjointly dangerous for crucifer Valley's celebrated vineyards, wherever winemakers were simply preparing to reap the 2014 crop. The quake stony-broke thousands of bottles of wine and toppled barrels.

Omar Rodriguez, 23, of Napa, was treated for a gash on his forehead in one in all the sorting tents outside a hospital that handled the victims.

"We woke to the earthquake and that i thought i used to be dreaming as a result of I fell off my bed, you know, it absolutely was all dark, and that i simply happened up. She noticed  it absolutely was all hurt," he said, concerning his girlfriend.

Officials were still assessing the injury late Sunday in hopes of obtaining a value estimate they may submit for doable federal help. however the initial assessment found that dozens of homes and buildings within the region were unsafe to occupy, as well as associate degree historic crucifer seat, wherever a 10-foot wide hole opened a read of the offices within.

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014
Iphone 6 Bigger Size Attracting Users Tej Kohli Says.
Topic: Vision Corridor
It's a ,market strategy that if you want to keep always in buzz than you have to always come up with new innovations ideas as well new products that Why Tej Kohli highlighting today Apple Iphone 6 pre launch announcements.

Apple is predicted to unleash successive generation of its smartphone, the iPhone six, that is rumoured to possess a bigger screen size.

The Wall Street Journal rumored weekday that arthropod genus has asked its suppliers to supply "between seventy million and eighty million units combined" of the devices, with 4.7-inch and five.5-inch screens, by Dec. 30. The paper cited "people acquainted with the matter."

The report is in step with pictures and videos of the "iPhone 6" leaked in recent months on technology websites that advised arthropod genus is creating new models with larger screens than the 4-inch iPhone five, that was free in 2012. That model was replaced with the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S in 2013.
Some of Apple's competitors already create larger screen models.


One of them, Samsung, free a replacement ad on, thrust fun at Apple's rumoured larger-screen iPhones.

The ad for the Galaxy S5, that encompasses a five.1-inch screen, is titled "screen envy," ANd options a person with an iPhone asking a lover with a Galaxy S5 if he is detected a rumour that iPhone may be obtaining a much bigger screen.

A voiceover goes on to counsel that iPhone users are waiting "for like 2 years," and that, in fact, the Galaxy S5 is "everything you have been watching for."

During Apple’s earnings decision yesterday, chief operating officer Tim Cook was asked a on the face of it harmless question concerning the impact of material possession programs on iPhone sales. Cook’s wide-ranging response was that he felt trade-ins were smart for arthropod genus overall as a result of they permit iPhones to succeed in “price sensitive” customers while not cannibalizing sales of higher-priced new models. however if that’s the case, wouldn’t arthropod genus be even higher served by building a cheap  model to succeed in those customers? the solution, using Cook’s own logic, appears to be a powerful affirmative.

Consider what he said: “If you lie the planet … material possessions are literally massively useful for our scheme as a result of … we've got a lot of folks that ar ready to join the party once we have a trade-in … in all probability the prime example somebody else within the family or within the example that has become a lot of common within the last year, somebody trades it in so that goes to either someone else in this country that's terribly value sensitive or someone in an exceedingly completely different country and that i see all of this nearly as good.”

'Apple is geartrain up for its initial major hardware and package launches of 2014,' the positioning says.

'The Cupertino-based company is 'tentatively' coming up with a keynote speech in mid-September to announce the iPhone six and supply final details on iOS eight, consistent with sources briefed on the plans.'

However, the positioning additionally admitted the plans ar 'in flux'.

Apple is alleged to be thus assured its approaching iPhone six are a hit, it's rumoured to possess ordered eighty million handsets by the tip of the year.

If true, this may be the biggest initial production run of iPhones – up from sixty million for the iPhone 5S and 5C last year.

Suppliers claim the Californian firm has asked for between seventy and eighty million units combined for the rumoured four.7-inch and five.5-inch iPhone 6s by thirty Dec.

The reports return when iPhone maker Foxconn confirmed it's employed a hundred,000 new employees to manufacture the new gadgets.

One more Interesting facts on Monster Tej Kohli explore about how to run a successful business. Moreover, you can check Apple iPhone news always on Google.

Apple hasn't in public named the suppliers and did not answer requests for comment. however analysts expect corporations from Taiwan, Japan and Asian nation that provided earlier versions of the iPhone to supply key parts like displays, camera lenses and microprocessors. Already, a number of those corporations ar asserting enlarged earnings or forecasts, ANd economists and analysts ar talking concerning an arthropod genus impact on whole sectors and economies.

Asian suppliers produce other smartphone customers, so that they ar taking advantage of general growth within the smartphone market. except for variety of the businesses, arthropod genus is that the biggest client.

In Japan, one government official calculable the new iPhone might raise quarterly demand for the country's physical science exports by five-hitter.

Taiwan's export orders, AN early indicator of actual exports, were at their strongest in seventeen months in Gregorian calendar month. Industrial production in Gregorian calendar month, free weekday, was up 8.6% on year, on top of expectations, light-emitting diode by double-digit gains in semiconductor output, that some analysts place all the way down to enlarged Taiwanese offer to arthropod genus.

After posting its initial profit decline in a minimum of a decade last year, arthropod genus currently seems to be subsidence into a stretch wherever it reports modest revenue and earnings growth every quarter whereas additionally returning cash to shareholders through dividends and buybacks. It’s a shift from once the iPhone was a young product and also the company’s revenue was virtually doubling quarterly, nevertheless investors have sent the extra service quite eighteen p.c this year to close AN uncomparable high when accounting for a 7-for-1 split up.

At least for the immediate future, arthropod genus can stay dependent on the iPhone. Case in point: If arthropod genus sells thirty million units of a replacement wearable device within the initial twelve months, it'll generate concerning $9 billion in revenue, consistent with Morgan Stanley. That’s resembling concerning five p.c of Apple’s $171 billion in sales last year.

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Monday, 1 July 2013
O2 Selects Cisco for UK Public Wi-Fi Network

O2 Wifi will be available free of charge to customers on any mobile network



London, San Jose - Costa Rica - September 2012- The iPhone5 and 4G will come and expected to revitalize internet and usage of the same across Europe, UK in particular. O2 UK have selected Cisco to be the main provider for the technology in all of O2's public Wi-Fi network (United Kingdom). The agreement done last week will demonstrate O2's reputation of delivering industry-leading Wi-Fi service for the public. Tej Kohli, from Costa Rica is an International Internet and Businessperson is livid with the development. “Internet and its usage has grown manifold with the coming wave of laptop, tablets and smart phones. The development between O2 and Cisco is ravishing.”



Key Features/Benefits of O2 and Cisco partnership

  • Access to O2 Wifi will be free for all customers, irrespective of what provider they use.

  • O2 Wifi, using Cisco® wireless technology intends to cover 15,000UK locations in 2012-2013.

  • With 3G and 4G entering the user space, O2 is expected to provide high-quality experience to the user.

Edwin Paalvast, senior vice president, Cisco said, “Consumer demand for fast, efficient and highly secure mobile data access is growing incredibly rapidly.” It is fully HSDPA-enabled and able to provide a speed of up to 7.2 Mbps for customers with similar device. Tej Kohli blog, has business interests in Southampton, UK added, “Cisco has reliable networking technologies and the needed expertise to execute O2’s plan in the UK. Moreover the 800MHz spectrum scheduled for 4G use in the UK not before by 2013 September.” O2's UK mobile covers 99% of the UK's population and its 3G network covers over 84% of the UK population.



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Friday, 4 January 2013
UK Tablet, Internet 2012 Data and Figures Decoded

One may wonder what leads to the adaptation of IT, Internet and ITES – Information Technology Enabled Services. It’s broadly VEC – Value, Ease and Connectivity. According to Nielson over 80% (tablet users) and 78% (smartphone users) have used their devices while watching TV. Mr. Tej Kohli an internet entrepreneur and based in San Jose, Costa Rica believes that large corporations should start turning their offline businesses online, especially mobile based web additions. “Web based consulting provides instant end-to-end solutions which can impact businesses tremendously and early we understand this concept, the better it would be.” Now let’s also look at children and how web is influencing them as well.


UK Internet – Data and Figures

1 in 10 UK primary school children (aged 5-10) carry a smart phone (iPhone), according to a survey conducted by Westcoastcloud in 2011, (a UK based cloud security company) now called now iomartcloud. While most of the students have used smartphones to make or receive phone calls, but over 20% did send and/or receive SMS/text messages, 10% have gone online, and 5% have drafted and/or have send an email.

Let’s further break it down.

  • 1/3rd UK children have mobile phone

  • 15% use smartphones regularly

  • 10% own an iPhone

  • 5% use an iPad

  • 16% utilize and access to laptop/computer

  • 8% log in to social network profiles

  • 25% own an e-mail address

  • 50% have little of no parental controls on their web enabled devices

  • 5% have used their internet enabled laptops or mobile phones when their parents were out

  • 68% of parents have bought smartphones for their children to keep a better track of them

  • Average internet enabled phone bill - 10 -20 British pounds per month

UK Household Internet Consumption- 2012: Govt Report

Can be called a dramatic increase, over 80% of British household have internet access, up from 77% in 2011 and 57% in 2006 according to a 2012 survey conducted by the Office for National Statistics, UK.

Focal points in 2012 of the Internet Access 2012 Households and Individuals statistical report conducted by the British government.

  • 21 million households in GB- Great Britain (80 per cent) had Internet access, against 19 million (77 per cent) in 2011.

  • Households with Internet access increased by 23 % (7.1 million) since 2006

  • 93 per cent of households have Internet access via fixed broadband connection

  • 5.2 million Household is without Internet access, because they 'did not need it'

  • 67 per cent of adults in GB have used a computer every day

According to IBM, last month (December, 2012) ‘thanksgivings purchases’ carried out through mobile/smartphones have risen by over 65.3% in the UK. BBC’s website describes this affinity as “UK public's growing love affair with the web.” On the other hand, tablet users are likely to shop more over Laptop users, a report by IDC indicates. UK shoppers are increasingly tilting towards tablet and smartphones, even when it comes to shopping. What are your online buying experiences? Leave a feedback and let us know what do you think?


Stay tuned with Tej Kohli blog which is committed to provide you best and useful information about Internet and Technology news


Pic source: Wikipedia


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Monday, 22 October 2012
Cisco Will Present The 2012 International Common Criteria Conference

Although its true that Tej Kohli reporting this news very late , because a number of news websites had already published about this , but its too much imporatnt and a new becnchmark in Cisco news and technologies updates . Cisco has sent out invites to the representatives of enterprise and government organizations to attend the International Common Criteria Conference (ICCC), in Paris. Costa Rica based internet and international business person Mr. Tej Kohli ascertains the fact that certain security measures in a changing tech scenario is not just important for goverments, it is an imperative to tackle new age threats coming from the web.

The conference is expected to enable product developers, system integrators and product users to exchange expertise, experiences and skills on the application of Common Criteria and security for information and communications technology. The Common Criteria was ideated by the governments of Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, UK, and U.S. in the mid-90’s. Tej Kohli added, “The threats that we face can be anything and come from anywhere. Also availability of tested and security-enhanced IT products is important.”

Tej kohli says, another most valuable attempt by Cisco is the extended partnership with Citrix for networking, Cloud, mobility and providing the best services to their clients .



The conference is an annual event and running on it's 13th year. ICCC offers certification/validation strategies and evaluation laboratories. The first conference happened in year 2000, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

The other objective was to unify the security evaluation standards existing at this time: the European ITSEC standard. Governments globally should make sure that that whatever products they use comply with key security criteria, and are standardized and work with existing technology.

Common Criteria is an international standard for evaluating IT product security and assurance. The standard drives mutual recognition of secure IT products and is considered a mandatory requirement for purchasing network security products by governments worldwide. The conference this year will happen in Pullman Montparnasse Hotel, Paris, France between Sept. 18-20, 2012

Image source – ICCC

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Tuesday, 29 May 2012
Tej Kohli Congratulating LinkedIn for Remarkable Achievements
Tej-Kohli Costa Rica always brings many hot shots from the various filed to keep the reader updated with the latest news and technologies.

LinkedIn which is world number 1 professional networking site had crossed the remarkable 15 Million users in India, its a great achievements. While the Social media giant Facebook and twitter comes up with with new features day by day with the improvements to make their ideal for each and event person to provides all kinds of online facilities with new avenues to explore and find global attention, Its a major milestone since the LinkedIn had started its journey in India. On the other other hand while the Myspace, Orkut and other Social fail to attract the people and now going the obsolate, and the failer of Google buzz, Yahoo Social profile and windows live networking gives the example its vary hard to attract and retain the people.

Tej Kohli, CEO of Grafix Softech expected LinkedIn making good growth in the Indian market, in the upcoming year.

LinkedIn India continent manger reveals Hari V. Krishnan stated now there are 15 million people of India using the professional network site LinkedIn. LinkedIn basically provides a space on the web where people can make their professional profile as well the companies associates can list their companies to meet the right professional.

LinkedIn was most prestigious site outside India basically in US but now it now very popular among the young graduates, According to data available LinkedIn sharing 9.3% users while there are 168 million users in USA using the Internet. In their exclusive interview Krishnan expressed “This milestone (15 million) demonstrates that professional networking is becoming increasingly important to Indian professionals. In just three years, we have scaled our operations in India and our member base has grown by over 300%,”

When LinkedIn had opened its India office in India in the year 2009, then that time there are only 3.4 million users in India , LinkedIn having the headquarter in Mumbai and having the offices in Gurgaon and Bangalore technology center. First LinkedIn center outside India was founded in in December 2002 and launched in May 2003.

Krishnan credited the development to the instruments the post has advanced “that assistance pros to stay joined, addition experiences for their businesses, pack that dream work and by and by, apprehend their master potential. Today's pro workforce is excessively versatile and we continually center on giving the aforementioned pros basic explanations to convey a seamless LinkedIn encounter wherever they are.”

While he did not give parts, Krishnan stated that a small over 20% of the users associate to LinkedIn through mobiles, “and the number is just developing”.

In India, parts turn to LinkedIn to stay up to date regarding industry discourses, encouraging their pro character, networking with alternate experts and studying about teams, consistent with Krishnan.

Various towering-profile marks, he joined, are selecting LinkedIn's promoting explanations (incorporates standards, business sector exploration and steer advertising apparatuses) “to fabricate exchanges and control with an exceptionally targeted, well-to-do group of onlookers”. He stated communities are moreover “broadly utilizing LinkedIn Enlisting Keys to enroll experts for assorted positions in their group”.

Tej Kohli Real Estate news and prediction always gives ultimate information which exploring the property market of the Abu Dhabi Dubai .

In February 2012, LinkedIn started limited evaluating for procuring explanations in India.

In the January-Walk quarter 2012, contracting elucidated 54% of LinkedIn's worldwide income, accompanied by showcasing fixes (26%) and premium (paid) records (20%). While the post tries not to split up India income, it does accompany a comparable design, as per social media examiners.

“LinkedIn has indicated exceptional development in India. Our clients get a preferable rate of profitability when it approaches recruitments. The value of continues is exceptional and we identify the profile of experts more tenable than different social networking destinations,” stated Hareesh Tibrewala, co-organizer and joint boss official officer of computerized media firm Social Wavelength.

“The rates for LinkedIn advertising fixes are higher than that for Facebook and Google. Yet the profits for business to business, or B2B, communities are higher as well. The post works for first-class articles. Also, you are able to cut and bones the profiles of pros on LinkedIn much superior to you are able to do on (alternate) comparable destinations. This aides in targeting gatherings more precisely,” declared Adhvith Dhuddu, head official officer of advanced media firm AliveNow.

LinkedIn's worldwide obtaining of SlideShare this Might for $119 million (around Rs.658 crore today) is looked for to help development its create. SlideShare is a spearheading pro matter-offering cooperative that was co-organized by several Indians: Rashmi Sinha, its head official officer, and Amit Ranjan, its Delhi-based boss managing officer. Organized in October 2006, SlideShare users, consistent with an association explanation, have transferred something greater than nine million presentations.

Consistent with comScore Inc., in Walk, SlideShare had almost 29 million novel guests, ranking it around the most greatly visited destinations for expert content.

“Users can uncover presentations through folks or the different route adjust,” expressed Krishnan, clarifying why the destination is a great fit for LinkedIn.

The utilization of social lattices has blasted all around and in India. LinkedIn gets around 33% of its income from outside the US. Facebook has 51 million users in the nation, and something greater than 900 million internationally. Social lattices now elucidate something greater than 25% of the for the most part time spent by users connected all around, in opposition to a unimportant offer in 2005, consistent with a November 2011 report by Avendus Capital.

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Tuesday, 30 August 2011
Three Envelopes!

Tej Kohli blog shares a funny story about a CEO of a large organization. 

Morris was recently appointed as the new CEO of a big company. The former CEO who he was replacing met him privately and handed him over three envelopes numbered 1, 2, and 3.

"Open these if you run up against a problem you don't think you can solve," the leaving CEO said.

After his joining, things went along pretty smoothly, but six months later, sales took a dip and Morris was really facing a lot of heat. On reaching his wit's end, he remembered the envelopes. He rushed to his cabin, opened the drawer and took out the envelope # 1. The message read, "Blame your predecessor."

He then called a press conference and skilfully laid the blame on the former CEO. Satisfied with his comments, the press – and Wall Street – took a positive turn, sales began to boost once again and the problem was soon behind him.

About a year later, the company was again going through a slowdown in sales, besides some serious product problems. Having learned from his previous experience, the CEO quickly opened the envelope #2. It read, "Reorganize." He did exactly that and the company rebounded again.

After many consecutive profitable quarters, the company once again entered the rough patch. Morris went to his office, closed the door and opened the third envelope.

The message said, "Prepare three envelopes..."

So, how do you like this story at Tej Kohli blog. For more informative articles, management stories, jokes and tips, keep reading Tej Kohli Grafix Blog

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Wednesday, 24 August 2011
Six Ways to Avoid Interview Jitters

Interviews can scare even the most seasoned job seekers. If you don't have a lot of experience in job seeking, it's natural to feel mild jitters or even strong fright at the thought of facing a potential employer. Tej Kohli advices that you don't have to let emotions turn that important career break into a horror show. In this article, Tej Kohli offers several tips so as to keep anxiety from ruining your chances of getting the job.

1. Imagine yourself at the interviewer's place

Interviewers are not here to make your life miserable. And that's true! In fact, they look at you as if you are "the one." They need to fill the job with the best person, and if they don't succeed their jobs could be on the line. Just keeping that in perspective can help calm your jitters.

2. Prepare well : How well you prepare determines the 90 percent of success in job interviews. It's always better to do some role-playing with a friend before the interview and anticipating the questions you'll likely face. Tej Kohli enlists some of the most frequently asked interview questions:

* Why are you the best person for the job?

* Tell me about yourself.

* What are your best/worst traits?

* Why do you want to work here?

* What did you learn in school (or at an internship) that prepares you for this job?

Always know in advance what the company does.

3. Plan your day around the interview

Be on time, and keep yourself stress free. Avoid haste by mapping out the directions to the interview location and giving yourself more time than you think you'll need. Keep buffer time for traffic jams, parking snafus, bad weather, road closures or perhaps losing your way. Be sure you budget enough time off from your current job, so you don't feel like you have to run out of the interview if it runs longer than you anticipated. Hiring managers can sometimes keep you waiting for long hours.

4. Avoid stress before the interview

Tej Kohli suggests that after you check in with the receptionist try some relaxation exercises. This could be as simple as closing your eyes, meditating or doing a few deep breathing exercises. However, if your idea of relaxation is kick-boxing or a yoga routine, do those at home. And don't even dare taking a drink or using substances to calm down.

5. Listen, think, and speak

Whether your interview is in person or over the phone, it is important to listen to what the interviewer has to say, and then take some time to think before responding. Always take a few seconds to understand the question, and then think up a quality answer before simply blurting out something less intelligent.

6. Prepare your own questions

So, the interview is almost over and the interviewer asks whether you have any questions about the job or the company. Never reply in "no," tho this. Rather, use this opportunity to solidify the good impression you've made, suggests Tej Kohli. By asking well-thought-out questions, you leave an impression that you are genuinely interested in the company and the job. Wait until the interviewer has finished asking about you and your background before launching into your own questions.

The day after the interview, send a thank you note to the interviewer.

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Wednesday, 3 August 2011
Tej Kohli Explains Six Silly Speech Habits!

 Tej Kohli tripod blog is a place to get tips on job interviews and personality developmen. Read an interesting article about how sloppy speech habits can ruin your chances of getting a job. 


Maybe you've a spotless resume and impeccable looks, but if you really want to crack that big interview, dare to think beyond the looks. How good you sound is at times, all that matters. But unfortunately, many people ruin their chances of getting that handsomely paying job due to their careless speech habits.


Tej Kohli has discussed six common language mistakes and how to keep them from sabotaging your interview:

  1. Nonwords: Avoid using filler words such as 'um', 'ah', 'you know', 'okay' or like. These words leaves a impression that you are not prepared for the interview and make you sound like a Valley Girl or Boy. If we feel at loss of words, think and then speak taking appropriate pauses and breaths. An occasional 'um' is fine, but don't let it become a prefix of every sentence.

  1. Up-Talk: A rising infection or sing song at the end of every sentence inflicts a tentative impression and leaves the interviewer confused whether your are asking a question or making a definite statement. Always speak with conviction as if you are selling yourself in the interview. Try to bring your intonation down when concluding a statement.

  1. Grammatical Errors : Using incorrect grammar or slangs may raise a question on your education. Don't use expressions like 'ain't', 'she don't', 'me and my friend', and 'so I goes to him'. Always speak in complete sentences and make sure the tenses are correct. The interview should be professional and is the not the place for vernacular expressions and casual language.

  1. Sloppy Speech: Slurring words together or dropping their endings diminishes the clarity of what you want to convey. The best strategy to avoid this is to speak slowly during an interview. List down the commonly mispronounced words, and record them on a tape recorder. Some common mispronunciation include aks for ask, ath-a-lete for athlete, wif for with and dree for three.

  1. Speed Talking: Although a little nervousness during the interview is fine, you don't want your message to fly by like a speeding bird. Its difficult to follow the fast speaking rate, and speed talkers often leave a negative impression. To help this, do some breathing exercises before the interview. Don't rush, listen to the question carefully, and then count to two in your mind before answering. A bout of silence never hurts, infact pausing is an effective communication technique.

  1. Weak Speak: Using wimpy words may modify or dilute your conviction and hence your chances of bagging the job. When you use words like hopefully, perhaps, kind of, I feel and sort of in your conversation, you show lack of confidence. Instead use powerful words like, 'I am confident that ', 'my track record shows', 'I take the position that', 'I recommend, or, 'my goal is'. Use positive words always.

Tej Kohli is an expert author and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience. For more informative articles by Tej Kohli, keep reading this blog. 

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Thursday, 28 July 2011
Who is the boss?

Tej Kohli shares a funny corporate joke, that will make you go ROFL. Enjoy the joke at Tej Kohli blog.

The boss was complaining in our staff meeting the other day that he wasn't getting any respect.

Later that morning he went to a local sign shop and bought a small sign that read:

'I'm the Boss!'

He then taped it to his office door.

Later that day when he returned from lunch, he found that someone had taped a note to the sign that

said: 'Your wife called, she wants her sign back!'

Tej Kohli blog is a place to find tips that will help you improve your chances of getting a job. For more amusing jokes like these, stay tuned to Tej Kohli blog. 

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