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Tej Kohli Blog
Monday, 22 October 2012
Cisco Will Present The 2012 International Common Criteria Conference

Although its true that Tej Kohli reporting this news very late , because a number of news websites had already published about this , but its too much imporatnt and a new becnchmark in Cisco news and technologies updates . Cisco has sent out invites to the representatives of enterprise and government organizations to attend the International Common Criteria Conference (ICCC), in Paris. Costa Rica based internet and international business person Mr. Tej Kohli ascertains the fact that certain security measures in a changing tech scenario is not just important for goverments, it is an imperative to tackle new age threats coming from the web.

The conference is expected to enable product developers, system integrators and product users to exchange expertise, experiences and skills on the application of Common Criteria and security for information and communications technology. The Common Criteria was ideated by the governments of Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, UK, and U.S. in the mid-90’s. Tej Kohli added, “The threats that we face can be anything and come from anywhere. Also availability of tested and security-enhanced IT products is important.”

Tej kohli says, another most valuable attempt by Cisco is the extended partnership with Citrix for networking, Cloud, mobility and providing the best services to their clients .



The conference is an annual event and running on it's 13th year. ICCC offers certification/validation strategies and evaluation laboratories. The first conference happened in year 2000, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

The other objective was to unify the security evaluation standards existing at this time: the European ITSEC standard. Governments globally should make sure that that whatever products they use comply with key security criteria, and are standardized and work with existing technology.

Common Criteria is an international standard for evaluating IT product security and assurance. The standard drives mutual recognition of secure IT products and is considered a mandatory requirement for purchasing network security products by governments worldwide. The conference this year will happen in Pullman Montparnasse Hotel, Paris, France between Sept. 18-20, 2012

Image source – ICCC

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