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Tej Kohli Blog
Friday, 4 January 2013
UK Tablet, Internet 2012 Data and Figures Decoded

One may wonder what leads to the adaptation of IT, Internet and ITES – Information Technology Enabled Services. It’s broadly VEC – Value, Ease and Connectivity. According to Nielson over 80% (tablet users) and 78% (smartphone users) have used their devices while watching TV. Mr. Tej Kohli an internet entrepreneur and based in San Jose, Costa Rica believes that large corporations should start turning their offline businesses online, especially mobile based web additions. “Web based consulting provides instant end-to-end solutions which can impact businesses tremendously and early we understand this concept, the better it would be.” Now let’s also look at children and how web is influencing them as well.


UK Internet – Data and Figures

1 in 10 UK primary school children (aged 5-10) carry a smart phone (iPhone), according to a survey conducted by Westcoastcloud in 2011, (a UK based cloud security company) now called now iomartcloud. While most of the students have used smartphones to make or receive phone calls, but over 20% did send and/or receive SMS/text messages, 10% have gone online, and 5% have drafted and/or have send an email.

Let’s further break it down.

  • 1/3rd UK children have mobile phone

  • 15% use smartphones regularly

  • 10% own an iPhone

  • 5% use an iPad

  • 16% utilize and access to laptop/computer

  • 8% log in to social network profiles

  • 25% own an e-mail address

  • 50% have little of no parental controls on their web enabled devices

  • 5% have used their internet enabled laptops or mobile phones when their parents were out

  • 68% of parents have bought smartphones for their children to keep a better track of them

  • Average internet enabled phone bill - 10 -20 British pounds per month

UK Household Internet Consumption- 2012: Govt Report

Can be called a dramatic increase, over 80% of British household have internet access, up from 77% in 2011 and 57% in 2006 according to a 2012 survey conducted by the Office for National Statistics, UK.

Focal points in 2012 of the Internet Access 2012 Households and Individuals statistical report conducted by the British government.

  • 21 million households in GB- Great Britain (80 per cent) had Internet access, against 19 million (77 per cent) in 2011.

  • Households with Internet access increased by 23 % (7.1 million) since 2006

  • 93 per cent of households have Internet access via fixed broadband connection

  • 5.2 million Household is without Internet access, because they 'did not need it'

  • 67 per cent of adults in GB have used a computer every day

According to IBM, last month (December, 2012) ‘thanksgivings purchases’ carried out through mobile/smartphones have risen by over 65.3% in the UK. BBC’s website describes this affinity as “UK public's growing love affair with the web.” On the other hand, tablet users are likely to shop more over Laptop users, a report by IDC indicates. UK shoppers are increasingly tilting towards tablet and smartphones, even when it comes to shopping. What are your online buying experiences? Leave a feedback and let us know what do you think?


Stay tuned with Tej Kohli blog which is committed to provide you best and useful information about Internet and Technology news


Pic source: Wikipedia


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