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Tej Kohli Blog
Sunday, 17 February 2008
Tej Kohli - Our Vision
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We at Tej Kohli Marketing consultancy represent our values through the acronym PILCQ. Our five values are 'Passion', 'Initiative', 'Loyalty', 'Care' & 'Quality'.

We opine that 'Values' are what one values. They help us remember the very reason of our existence. They guide our objectives, strategies and help us form the policies which can serve as the framework for our endeavours.


Passion is an ‘inner drive’ to excel. At the Tej Kohli Marketing consultancy, we believe that ‘If you give vision to people then they don’t need supervision’. And the vision emanates from the passion for your venture. We strive to be energetic in our disposition, enthusiastic in our style and fully immersed in our work. Everybody at the organization should feel “I am loving it and living it”! That is the best value-addition to our services and the clients.

The concept of ‘A few leading the most’ is a risky proposition in today’s dynamic world. Leadership has become a very fluid concept which needs to be flowing under each desk of the office space. At the Tej Kohli Marketing consultancy, we strive to prepare leaders at every level of the organization. We want everybody to remain out of the concentric circles, envisage and initiate to accomplish the aspired.


For every relationship and association, ‘Trust’ is indispensable. And trust can be won only when there is complete loyalty towards the cause and the institution. The loyalty has 3 basic elements ‘Character’, ‘Competence’ & ‘Consistency’. And at the Tej Kohli Ning Marketing consultancy, we know that our clients will always value trustworthiness.


There is a pretty old saying “They don’t care how much you know unless they know how much you care”. We at The Tej Kohli Marketing consultancy, vouch for it to the maximum. We always remember the difference between ‘Commercial’ & ‘Professional’ and always aspire to be the latter. Our approach is always human & humane and we desire to retain the affectionate culture of a start-up with the structural framework of an organization.

The ultimate truth of profession is “Efforts are respected, yet only results are rewarded!” We completely abide by the concept that Value = Quality + Speed. For us quality is a holistic concept that not only fits the current requirements but also integrates with the past milestones and future benchmarks. In our work, we commit for excellence, effectiveness & utility, with indubitable progression of the same

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Saturday, 22 December 2007
Tej Kohli Marketing Consultant

Tej Kohli Marketing consultancy is a commitment towards quality “training and consulting” where we offer a set of unique and unparalleled services which is only of its kind in the whole professional and academic arena. Tej Kohli marketing consultancy pursue excellence through our three divisions


  1. Tej Kohli Corporate Training and Consulting division: where we work towards organizational excellence and professional competence in various domains viz; worker, executive and management level.


2.  Tej Kohli Institutional Training and Consulting division: our institutional training and consulting division works towards Scholastic excellence and professional competence at various level viz Student, Mentor and management level.

 3.  Tej Kohli Student Training and Consulting division:  where we work towards overall development and success of students in following arena – “language improvement”, “Personality development” and “Campus recruitment and training”.


To all the aspirants of excellence and competence… You will find here at Tej Kohli Blog a host of accessible resources from all the three divisions that we will post on this blog from time to time.

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