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Tej Kohli Blog
Friday, 2 May 2008
Tej Kohli Marketing Consulting Expands
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Topic: Vision Corridor

Tej Kohli marketing consulting company enters into a new industry of tourism marketing consulting. We offer variety of services for the hospitality and tourism industry. They include:

  • Successful Travel Marketing
  • Tourism E-marketing Tools
  • How to Sell Travel Profitably
  • Hospitality Management Advice
  • Profitable Tourism Operations
  • Travel Business Planning
  • Media Relations for Travel Professionals
  • Successful Travel Business Case Studies
  • Finance & Investments Tips
  • Risk Management / Insurance
  • Tourism Trends & Statistics
  • How to Increase Repeat Business & Referrals
  • Mistakes to Avoid
  • We also conduct interviews with the travel industry leaders and provide their experiences to the readers of our site to help enable them gain valuable knowledge.

    Tej Kohli

    Posted by Street Reporter at 5:15 AM EDT
    Thursday, 28 February 2008
    Tej Kohli - About Stress Interviews
    Topic: Vision Corridor

    Now a days many organizations are resorting to stress interview to test a candidate's temperament. The purpose of stress
    interview is to put the candidate on the defensive. Stress interview is based on the premise that stressful situations bring out the true worth of a person and the candidate who performs well under pressure in the interview is likely to perform
    similarly on the job.

    There are various stress interview tactics that an interviewer may adapt.

    Unexpected Behavior: The interviewer tries to catch you off guard with unexpected behavior. For example, an interviewer might ask the same question several times, pretending not to understand your answer. You explain several times, each time getting more exasperated at the questioner's stupidity.

    Uncomfortable Questions: The interviewer can ask uncomfortable questions such as, "Why did you get such low marks in graduation" or "Why you were fired from your previous job" to put you under pressure.

    Aggressive Attitude: The interviewer may convey his aggressive behavior through his body language, facial expressions, or behavior and he will make you realize that you are responsible for it.

    Puzzle Question: The interviewer may ask you a question whose answer you are not generally expected to know, like "How many Maruti cars are running on the roads of Delhi?"
    Case Interview: The case interview tests your knowledge of relevant business issues, quantitative and analytical skills, ability to prioritise and anticipate problems, and communication skills. In case interviews you are presented an open-ended
    business situation and are required to describe a path toward a solution.

    Tips on Handling Stress Interview
    • Always keep yourself cool and composed during interview when you are put in a stressful situation.
    • Clarify the question and the nature of the answer desired. This can buy you some time to think.
    • Don't hesitate about asking questions to get clarification; sometimes, this is exactly what's expected of you.
    • Ignore the interviewer’s tantrums and his aggressive behavior and keep yourself focused on answering the question to the best of your ability.
    • Be open, honest, straightforward and refuse to be emotionally intimidated.

    Stress Interviews are common in industries where stress is part of the job like stock trading on financial markets or sales jobs. The primary objective of these interviews is to just put you on the spot and see how you cope with the stress.
    Most common techniques are to interrupt you frequently when you are answering a question, ask you another question before you have finished the first, tell you on your face that you are the worst candidate they have seen during the day, ask you
    to sell them your pen and then be a tough customer etc.

    An important tip on coping with these situations is to not take things personally and play the game. If you are asked to do certain things during the interview, don’t argue as to why it should not be done. Just try to find creative ways of doing things and thereby demonstrating that you are not the one to bow down to stress or difficult situations.
    I have heard a story about a candidate being asked to jump from a window. The candidate proved he was good enough for the
    challenge by climbing on the window and jumping inside the room (nobody said jump out of the window!).
    The idea is that trading on financial markets and sales are jobs that need people who are street smart, whose stress threshold is higher than normal, people who do not take things personally and can turn tables on someone to their advantage. Because stress brings out such personalities, these are considered more appropriate types of interviews for those positions.
    You cannot prepare enough for stress interviews. You either have it or don’t. Don’t stress too much on it.

    Most job-seekers will not encounter such interviews, but it is important to know they exist, and know how to handle yourself if you are faced with such an interview style.

    From Tej Kohli,

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    Sunday, 17 February 2008
    Tej Kohli - Our Vision
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    Topic: Vision Corridor

    We at Tej Kohli Marketing consultancy represent our values through the acronym PILCQ. Our five values are 'Passion', 'Initiative', 'Loyalty', 'Care' & 'Quality'.

    We opine that 'Values' are what one values. They help us remember the very reason of our existence. They guide our objectives, strategies and help us form the policies which can serve as the framework for our endeavours.


    Passion is an ‘inner drive’ to excel. At the Tej Kohli Marketing consultancy, we believe that ‘If you give vision to people then they don’t need supervision’. And the vision emanates from the passion for your venture. We strive to be energetic in our disposition, enthusiastic in our style and fully immersed in our work. Everybody at the organization should feel “I am loving it and living it”! That is the best value-addition to our services and the clients.

    The concept of ‘A few leading the most’ is a risky proposition in today’s dynamic world. Leadership has become a very fluid concept which needs to be flowing under each desk of the office space. At the Tej Kohli Marketing consultancy, we strive to prepare leaders at every level of the organization. We want everybody to remain out of the concentric circles, envisage and initiate to accomplish the aspired.


    For every relationship and association, ‘Trust’ is indispensable. And trust can be won only when there is complete loyalty towards the cause and the institution. The loyalty has 3 basic elements ‘Character’, ‘Competence’ & ‘Consistency’. And at the Tej Kohli Ning Marketing consultancy, we know that our clients will always value trustworthiness.


    There is a pretty old saying “They don’t care how much you know unless they know how much you care”. We at The Tej Kohli Marketing consultancy, vouch for it to the maximum. We always remember the difference between ‘Commercial’ & ‘Professional’ and always aspire to be the latter. Our approach is always human & humane and we desire to retain the affectionate culture of a start-up with the structural framework of an organization.

    The ultimate truth of profession is “Efforts are respected, yet only results are rewarded!” We completely abide by the concept that Value = Quality + Speed. For us quality is a holistic concept that not only fits the current requirements but also integrates with the past milestones and future benchmarks. In our work, we commit for excellence, effectiveness & utility, with indubitable progression of the same

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    Updated: Wednesday, 28 April 2010 5:05 AM EDT
    Saturday, 22 December 2007
    Tej Kohli Marketing Consultant

    Tej Kohli Marketing consultancy is a commitment towards quality “training and consulting” where we offer a set of unique and unparalleled services which is only of its kind in the whole professional and academic arena. Tej Kohli marketing consultancy pursue excellence through our three divisions


    1. Tej Kohli Corporate Training and Consulting division: where we work towards organizational excellence and professional competence in various domains viz; worker, executive and management level.


    2.  Tej Kohli Institutional Training and Consulting division: our institutional training and consulting division works towards Scholastic excellence and professional competence at various level viz Student, Mentor and management level.

     3.  Tej Kohli Student Training and Consulting division:  where we work towards overall development and success of students in following arena – “language improvement”, “Personality development” and “Campus recruitment and training”.


    To all the aspirants of excellence and competence… You will find here at Tej Kohli Blog a host of accessible resources from all the three divisions that we will post on this blog from time to time.

    Posted by Street Reporter at 8:08 PM EST
    Updated: Saturday, 22 December 2007 8:21 PM EST

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